Thursday, 31 July 2014

RECENT SHOOT! - " pshchedelic opulance"

Hey dolls! Today's post is an exiting one! as you all know i am  an inspiring editorial stylist. I love creating quirky eccentric photo shoots in my stare time to go towards to my styling portfolio. I also not at all into the whole "minimalism" trend i hate nothing more than opening a fashion magazine and seeing pages upon pages of boring fashion editorials that feature looks of minimalism and everything being pale and the clothing being all shades of beige, grey and white. Because to me the point in a fashion editorial is to inspire and to get people thinking about fashion and outfits i love being inspired by fashion editorials not bored by them! that's why for one i NEVER use minimalism or plain white backdrops when i shoot and style my photo shoots. And two i stopped reading British vogue and started reading Italian vogue because Italian vogue inspired me where as British vogue just bored me and did everything but inspire me! So that's why i love to create exiting and colourful fashion images because i dream to inspire people with my way of working.

So i recently did a little photo shoot with my friend who can i say is NOT a model. Who knew?! i wouldn't know by looking at these photos she isn't a model. She did so amazingly and trust me shooting with me can be confusing because i am not the worlds best communicator. So ive gotta give her praise for that!

So the shoot was just in my bedroom and i took inspiration for this shoot by researching existing fashion editorials using pinterest and then taking ideas from this for a set or location and i then research trends and existing editorial trends and go from there deciding which theme i want to go for and then exploring and creating from there which ive gotta say is my favourite part! this shoot was inspired by numerous fashion editorials as a mix there was an original image i was inspired by this i went from there choosing the "print clash" trend. All clothing as usual sourced by me and all from my personal collection.

This shoot is called " Psychedelic opulence" which to be honest me and the model (sarah) couldn't think of a name for this shoot. Because of the mix of styles i really didn't have a clue i normally come up with a style and theme and then name my shoot before i shoot. But i didn't this time and im glad i didn't as i would never have thought of the name! i was looking for names online and came across a written article called " psychedelic beauty" and then picked out the work opulence within the article and just added them together to create my shoot name. Which im more than happy with!

I decided to create three different looks for the shoot using my theme and trend " print clash" mixing prints and colours which completely clash but some how work in perfect harmony!

I decided to completely cover my bed with all my patterned scarf's, dresses and shirts to re create the editorial image i was originally inspired by. As if the model was lying on all clothes and it wasn't a bed at all and i hope i achieved that?!

original image which i took inspiration from sourced from pinterest.

Trend inspiration sourced from pinterest

make up inspiration sourced from pinterest

trend inspiration sourced from pinterest

trend inspiration sourced from pinterest

original shoot inspiration sourced from pinterest.

As always please feel free to comment as they are always appreciated, also please  let me know what you think of my work! all make-up and hair, styling and photography by me. Hope you enjoyed...