Thursday, 18 September 2014

WINTER WARMERS - patterned tights for winter, how to wear - first post for student fashion

So as all you fabulous bloggers know i have recently began to write for a new fashion website called student fashion a blogging website where bloggers write and contribute there fashion ideas and thoughts and lookbooks to the whole web to inspire people and students everywhere. And since ive recently been obsessed with tights and have been sharing myn on my instagram page. So i decided to use them in my first post for student fashion and since i havent blogged for a while i though why not feature my first real writing piece on my very own blog for everyone to hopefully enjoy.

So my first post is dedicated to the wonder of tights and how to wear them! and since winters coming up i thought theres no better time to wear tights? gets you out of your boring jeans or leggings right? so this is showing you tights lovers out there that arent sure how to make tights a part of your outfit this is how. Styles for every girl with any style. But as you all know me i like to keep things a little risky stylisticly so some of these looks are on trend but for the fashionable lady who loves to be original and unique. Enjoy!

Winter trend!! - patterned tights and how to wear them. I love winter especially in England even though its cold basically the whole damn year its nice to be able to wear winter outfits when it isn't the middle of the summer. And be able to get into that Christmas spirit when its fast approaching. But what everyone's thinking at winter time isn't about how nice to cold weather is even though you usually start to get sick of the cold by the time December comes and you just want summer again! is what the heck to i wear??!

And this post is going to hopefully give you a little guidance and help you along with finding the perfect winter warmers and my perfect solution is of course coloured and patterned tights. They even come in the knitted variety now ive noticed which is totally perfect. You can still wear skirts and dresses in the winter but add a pair of patterned tights to add a little bit of colour or dimension to your look which is great when you don't want to wear your standard pair of thick black tights. And which means there's no excuse for boring leggings or jeans and especially not track pants! because as karl Lagerfeld once said "if your wearing track pants you've given up!" But there's no need to give up because there's tights! and anyone can wear them no matter your style.

so i put together 6 ( well it was originally meant to be five) but i couldn't resist adding more and more boards until i decided i needed to stop! but i wish i had these outfit. I out them together using polyvore showing you how to wear tights this winter. While staying style and current. I have tried to use different colours and textures to suite both feminine styles and  androgynous styles.I have also added a list of sources below the boards showing you where the items are from.

OUTFIT ONE - Winter warmers
I put together this outfit Taking main inspiration from the gorgeous Autumn leaves. The burgundy and orange really complement each other perfect for Autumn. And of course the gorgeous Betsey Johnson lace tights compliment the outfit perfectly keeping your legs warm and stylish. While still remaining a little sexy And adding a little texture to the outfit.

hat -Janessa Leone savoy hat - £140 available at barneys
cape - Burberry - £375 - available at
Pussy bow blouse - £60 - available at
Black leather pencil skirt - Yves Saint Laurent - £1975 - available online
Tights - Betsey Johnson - £18 - available at
Ankle boots - Rupert Sanderson - £700 - available at
Yellow tote -
Leather gloves - Mulberry - £200 - available at

 Outfit 2 - Tartan delight
I put together this look by starting off my outfit around a key piece which is of course the amazing tartan tights. I then kept the rest of the outfit simple by picking out some colours within the tights. I then decided to add the cobalt blue and acid yellow into the outfit as a colour block to make the outfit more dramatic. However i know this isn't for everyone and if you wanted to just stick to using one colour such as black or red you could do.

Cape - Michael Kors - £180 - available at
 Tartan tights - £10 - River Island
 leather shorts - £15 - available at
Over the knee boots - £1400 - available at
 Earrings - £31

Outfit 3 - Hot in the city
his look was inspired by the recent trends of colour blocking and of course putting together cobalt blue and orange. I wanted this look to be more of a city slick look. Classy but stylish and something you could dress down or dress up for night. But kept it casual by adding a simple black pom pom beanie to keep it urban.

Orange pencil dress with belt - Gucci - £2.60 available at
 Cobalt blue over coat - £300
Pom pom beanie - £100 - available at
Stockings - £7.90 - available at

Outfit 4 - Wicked winter colour block 
This is one of my favourite outfits and for the inner dare devil in all of us girls. It is a very on trend look perfect for the colour blocking trend. And its perfect for autumn by adding a pair of print clashing lace tights and a cute white bobble beanie.

Pussy bow blouse - £180
Pink grid knitted coat - £18 - available at
Cream pom pom beanie - £30 - available at
Floral lace tights - £4.58 - available at
Neon wrap skirt - £32 - available at
Blue peep toe booties - £245 - available at
Earrings chanel - price unknown

Outfit 5 - Hot in the city
This look is for any edgy girl who loves tough fashion. It is a more edgy look than the others but just as equally on trend. I used the neon green and yellow and then added some tough black and leather accessories to toughen up the look and complete it with some rock chic tights.

Coat space couture - £163
 Tights -£9.79 -  available at
Neon beanie - £6.35 - available at
 Spike wrist band - £3.99 - available at
Skinny belt French Connection - £18 - available at
Boots - burberry

Outfit 6 - Knitted winter
I created this look around the key piece a knitted jumper perfect for the winter cold. And adding another classic piece the leopard print booties with blue toe. And then decided to be a little risky by adding some cobalt blue tight to the look to complete it.

 Hat - £31 - available at
Jumper - £275 - available at
 Leather skirt - £400
Bangles - £9.12 - available at
Cobalt blue tights - £12 - available at
red satchel - £2.40

Hope you enjoyed the post, and it gave you some ideas on how to wear printed, patterned and coloured tights over the winter months. Just remember take a risk and it could pay off  also let me know if you would like to see more fashion posts like this, comment below.
- Originalvintagequeen xo

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Recent purchases ft Tyne mouth market and haul!

Recent purchases ft Tyne mouth market and buys!

So i haven't posted any purchases recently. And as you all know i am a keen thrifter and charity shopper. Im constantly rummaging around car boot sales markets and charity shops to find the best vintage finds. And even sometimes just great modern finds and home ware. And i have been out there recently looking for things. But ive only been buying a couple of things so wanted to picked up a few items before posting a "haul" post. But then i ended up picked up a lot of things so it turned into a lotta stuff "haul" I have picked up surprisingly a lot of shoes and accessories recently including bangles because im literally obsessed with them at the moment. I just cant get enough of layered necklaces and stacked arm candy! so ive been stocking up! and ive been stocking up on the fur for the winter. So it better be a cold one. The only thing im concerned about is im gonna have a super warm head and freezing toes as all the shoes ive been buying lately have been peep toes. But socks and heels are in for winter so i may just be onto a winner and a winter saver! 

But to get back to the haul hope you enjoy my recent purchases. And the great thing is everything ive purchased lately has been way under ten pound because im constantly trying to save money. Enjoy!

Silver t  bar strappy open toes platforms - £1! the x catalogue shop. I literally never normally shop there as they are for the bigger lady. And stock sizes up from 18 but any how they always have amazing shoes and accessories and they had a massive summer sale to get rid of all there old stock so all shoes and some clothes where £1 so i picked up this pair for only all let you guess..... £1 so i picked up a few pairs!

I also picked up there pink platforms from the x catalogue shop for £1 they has originally been over £30! and you cant go wrong for a pound but ive since worn them are there super comfy and will be great even in winter with chunky knitted socks or tights. Cant wait!

Pink cut out platform sling backs £1 - the x catalogue shop

I picked up these really cute lemon cork platforms from salvation army for only £2.70 and i was shocked because the salvation army where i live the shoes usually start at around £5.99. But when i got home i realised why they where so cheap. because of fading to the right shoe. I was disappointed but decided to just stick them in the sunlight for a couple of weeks till they both fade out. Or but some dye but  i love the colour!

I got these cute strappy heels from my local tk max for only £2! because the right shoe had no strap so i did what any girl would do.. or just me! and added some matching ribbon to give them a bit of pazazz! and live lied them up a little!

These hats have got to be my best buys yet! i have recently started volunteering in Cancer Research UK in Durham dressing there windows and mannequins and i went to look for more stock and found all found of these little beauties and as everyone knows i cant resist a good vintage hat. Especially a vintage one! so when she said i could have all of them for only £6 how could i refuse?

I also had a little trip to my local car boot a few Sundays ago and managed to get my hands on these super cute green mock croc ravel shoes with diamant√© shoe clips for £2

I also managed to pick up this chanel or not i dont know silk scarf for 50p

Gold coin scarf - £1 - Marie Curie charity shop

I also picked up this bangle from another charity shop for 50p to match a stack of other bangles i have to match this.

Clip on earrings - 75p - charity shop

Picked up this amazing late 1960s blue maxi dress with sheer cape for only £4.99

Dogtooth scarf - £1.50
flower brooch - 75p

There was also a opening of a brand spanking new salvation army shop at Seaham so i of course who am i to resist? headed over there and managed to get my hands on these incredible clear plastic stilettos with cute flower on the front. Ive been dreaming of a pair of cute plastic shoes recently so when i saw these i knew i had to have them there not the most comfortable shoes but there pretty. And every women knows fashion knows not of comfort!

Ive also been lusting over earrings lately even though i have an insane amount of pairs which is now hitting over 100 i need to have more. So i picked up these flower clip ons for £1.99 and gold weave clip one for £1.49

Earrings - £1.99 - age UK

Picked up this amazing vintage lilac suite from the salvation army for £4.99! cant wait to wear.

strappy stilettos £1 the x catalogue shop

I also finally managed to get to Tyne mouth market as ive been wanting to got for years. And now i dont work on a weekend ive finally been able to go and it was well worth the wait. I love anything that involves a good rummage so this was right up my street. Picked up these babies for only £1 when i asked the guy how much they where even though it was a £1 stall! but anyways i got them! 

I also got this amazing vintage ring for £1 from a lovely old lady well she was about 60! 

Brooch and earrings set - £2.50

Ive been looking for a fur collar for so long. Ever since i saw a vintage post card with a women wearing one as a belt and instantly knew i needed to re create the look and i got this one for £8

I managed to get my hands on one of these amazing Spanish hair combs a few months ago and wanted another one. But could never manage to find one anywhere and i looked on line and they where surprisingly expensive! they where selling on ebay for over £40!!!! which is crazy! so when i saw this vintage one for only £5 i needed and had to have and well i got it!

And last but not least. To end this ridiculously long blog post which feels like it has taken me over 2 days to write but it has really taken me 2 hours. I got my hands on yet another wicker handbag from the barnardos charity shop for £2 as everythings £2 for some reason which i dont know why! but they are. I hope you've enjoyed the post and as always feel free to comment!

-Much love, original vintage queen xo

Monday, 8 September 2014

My recent ventures! and future Career plans!

My recent ventures.

I know i have been away for a while (well 8 days) in the blog-averse. Being busy doing really nothing except plan for the future as there is a lot of things coming fast! As you all know i am a aspiring stylist of all things flamboyant, quirky and unique, I enjoy directing and styling up my own photo shoots in my spare time working to wards my final portfolio for my and im not ashamed to say it! second application to London College of fashion this year or LCF as many people called it. In my eyes the best and only fashion university i would ever want to go to! I have wanted to go there since i left school and know after so much hard work i will get in one day! (or hope to) But as everyone knows it is crazy competitive and difficult to get in they make you send of a personal statement, a digital portfolio and then interview you from up to 40 people down to only 20! i applied this year but was turned down for the course i applied for styling and production due to lack of experience that the other applicants did have. So i have been and still am trying to gain as much experience and shoot as many shoots as i can to build up my portfolio ready to re apply in November!

So i have been interning at john lewis which was incredible learning window dressing and also how to dress fashion mannequins in a big store, I have also been window dressing for lots of my local charity shops to add to my personal statement as experience and have been emailing various stylists for the north east hoping to work with them to gain some experience but it isnt always so easy. As i have came to learn from emailing so many damn people.!!!!!! but you get no where without hard work right?!

I also really feel now having well so far 5 months out that i really needed it and needed to work towards my goals as i have never ever been someone who just gets things handed to them. As i have seen so many people just get things with very minimal work! buy you know not everyone's so lucky. And i know now im not at all. But i feel like if you work yourself hard for something you appreciate it more when you get to where you want to be. And im just hoping i will get there eventually

I have also in my spare time been doing vintage from the 1920s up to the 1950s hair, makeup and styling complete with a mini photo shoot and free photos! for some more experience in dressing people who i haven't met before as if i was teamed with people at a professional photo shoot. Which i feel has also given me some more confidence which i think i have gained through doing everything i have done recently. Which to be honest i think i really needed to gain that before going to London. So i guess everything happens for a reason! 

So yeah thats everything i have been up to recently. Even though its a little piece of useless information its a little bit more about me you may not have known! but thats why ive not been blogging as much lately, Because i know i said id be blogging everyday but to be totally honest i dont really lead a very interesting life! but there shall be more posts to come!

much love - original vintage queen xo