Wednesday, 30 July 2014

"Today im wearing" - 70s does 40s maxi dress + recent purchases!

"Today's what im wearing" is themed around this amazing 1970s does 1940s fitted maxi dress i picked up from a local charity shop for only £5! which i mean you couldn't even get enough fabric to make a dress for that. So this outfit is themed around this amazing new dress. I also did a little bit of shopping when i got this dress so ive added them to this post.. Enjoy.

1970s blue maxi dress - £5 scope

real alligator skin handbag - gift from my love
lipstick print scarf - 99p salvation army

brooches - gifts
pearl necklace £3 new look
red belt £1 charity shop

drop earrings - £1 Edinburgh charity shop

Turban - made from old vintage skirt

middle two bangles - bakelite

Recent purchases

1960s crimpaline dress £3.50 scope!

cute belt details

"davisella, elegance in fashion"

ring i realised i have the matching earrings to, £1.99

dress and jacket suite (pale green) gift from my boss.

Amazing bakelite find! £1!