Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Recent looks of the day- the skirt turban and the velvet turban!

Ive been doing a lot of things recently so ive been putting together a lot of outfits! yesterdays outfit OUTFIT 1, i wore to the cinema to go see the purge anarchy which ive got to say was incredibly scary but really good. So i decided to make my own turban made from an old skirt and went for comfy red summer espadrilles and a wicker handbag. OUTFIT 2! was the outfit i put together for a shopping trip and running err ons today. Which i wore a comfy and cool silk pleated vintage skirt and cardigan suite because it is still incredibly hot here. And wore a turban i have recently made from a old vintage skirt i never wear any more. I also applied for a visual merchandise job at the local cancer research charity shop which will mean i do all the stores merchandise and mannequin dressing which im looking forward to starting ( if i get it) fingers crossed! but on to the recent outfits.. enjoy! and as usual everything im wearing is from charity shops apart from my necklace which is new look.


original 1950s dress - charity shop £30!

vintage wicker handbag - £2.99 - age UK
scarf - £2 charity shop

various bangles charity shops
middle bangle - bakelite £3 durham vintage market

wooden bangles 50p - car boot sale

top pearl necklace (real pearls) - Great aunts
4 string pearls - New look sale £3

vintage earrings - £2 charity shop

home made turban made from an old vintage skirt

Espadrilles - £3.99 British heart foundation


Pink vintage skirt and cardigan suite - £2 for set charity shop

White 1960s handbag - £2 charity shop
pink vintage scarf - £1 salvation army

vintage plastic bangles - salvation army £2.99 for set

bird brooch gift 
top necklace - £2 charity shop
4 string pearl necklace £3 new look sale

Home made turban - made from old vintage skirt

vintage earrings - Ding Dong vintage

"west" shoes £5.99 - British heart foundation