Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"today im wearing" oriental!

"Today's what im wearing" is inspired by oriental and Chinese culture. I found this oriental style dress hiding in my wardrobe which i have never worn in over a year! so i dug it out and decided to finally wear it. I put it together with my new hair flower which i just recently made. Which i didn't think was to bad for my first attempt. I also styled it up with some oriental platforms and stacked bangles to complete my look. Hope you enjoy!

Oriental dress possibly 1960s/70s picked it up from a local charity shop a few years ago i probably paid around £3!

red vintage belt £2 charity shop.

mixed bangles various charity shops

ring - possibly from charity shop

bangles found in my drawer. possibly charity shop and ring £1.95 charity shop.

red knitted snood - £3 eBay
earrings - £1 car boot

Hair flower - homemade

handbag Durham vintage market - around £26

oriental platforms £2 barnardos

pearl necklace - £7 new look sale.