Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Outfit of the day - Orange suite and the poodle

Today's outfit of the day is the theme "Orange" and since orange is my favourite colour and my hair colour i always love wearing reds or oranges. So i decided to wear this orange top skirt and jacket three piece from Ding Dong vintage and then built up my outfit from there. And of course today's hair style is inspired by the one and only Betty Grable and this is my take on her classic "POODLE" hair style with my own twist. I hope you enjoy my Outfit of the day and feel free to leave your comments below...

The inspiration Betty Grables amazing " POODLE" up do!

im wearing!
orange striped 1960s suite - Ding Dong vintage

Shoes - British heart £4.99

Vintage brown Seamed stockings - £3.99 Age UK

Aligator skin handbag - St cuthberts hospice £10
Scarf - charity shop £1

Wooden bangles £1 car boot sale

Red knitted snood - eBay £3.99
Hat pin - charity shop £1
Orange vintage hat - £6 Armstrongs vintage

Brown leather and mink fur earrings - £4 Herman Brown

Vintage fox fur cape eBay £50

Blue crochet gloves - Great Aunts

Bangles - Charity shops

Necklace - Mams