Monday, 28 July 2014

Vintage handbag and shoe collection - most worn!

As you all know im a huge vintage lover and enthusiast! adorer of all things vintage and anything old! I have been collection and wearing vintage clothing for about a year and a half now. But have only been wearing it full time for just over a year. So i have had plenty of time to collection accessories as well because of course accessories make the outfit. As you will have probably seen in my recent bedroom/dressing room post i have a lot of vintage hats, shoes and handbags because i just cant resist a good pair of shoes! so i decided because of the such good feedback from the bedroom post showing my shoes and handbags but not in great detail i thought i would show you some of my most worn and used shoes and handbags. And a little bit of the history behind them hope you enjoy the post and it will be a long post! but keep reading!...

"the classic pin-up shoe"

i bought these shoes about 3 months ago from the salvation army for £5.99 which was such a great price for a great quality pair of shoes. There not really old but have that vintage/retro look about them there the classic pin-up style shoe both feminine and a elegant classic shoe! with the cut out sides which show off the feet the heel is just the right size not to high but just right for everyday wear. And the cute bow and diamonte detailing at the front make them feminine and girly! and the colour is perfect with almost any colour summer dress!

"the chanel-esk shoe"

Found these amazing Chanel-esk shoes in a charity shop for £6.99! there a great colour to go with any style or piece of clothing you can wear them with a classic suite or a summer dress because the styles so versatile! i also love the leather band detail across the front with the gold Chanel c's which really make the shoe stand out and makes them stand out from being normal black court shoes! and perfect for any occasion!


" the 1940s style, velvet platforms"

I picked up these 1940s style red velvet plaforms from Barnardos charity shop around 5 months ago for only £2! but never wore them as they needed a few minor repairs as they needed heeling and re soleing but for only £2 its still ridiculously cheap with repairs. As modern reproductions are selling for over £100 pair. And these are 1970s but look as if they could have came straight out of the 40s and with the platform they are super comfy and you can wear them with basically everything. Which has made them my most worn shoes recently! And the fact there red ( my fave colour) and velvet just adds to how amazing they are.

"the fetish/Dita shoe"

i found these fetish style faith shoes in a charity shop a few years ago and only paid around £5 for them. And there faith which means they would have been around 50/60 pounds originally. So they were a bargain to start with without the amazing heel!
As soon as i saw them they reminded me of shoes ive seen Dita von teese wearing during photo shoots and her "strip strip horray" show! so i knew i had to have them. my own dita style stilettos. However the only thing i can say is they are so high they are more of an occasion shoe or shoes your not gonna do a lot of walking in! because of the height!

"the 1920s Mary Jane shoe"

These shoes were originally bought from eBay by my mam to wear for work. but after over a year of her not wearing them i  eventually claimed them for myself. There 1950s does 20s Mary Janes! they are great for the summer and really comfortable and go great with both skirt and summer dresses. But arent practical for the winter because of the open toe! but i love the tile pattern on the front!

" the high heeled brogue shoe"

These where another pair of vintage "hobbs" shoes my mam bought herself for work of eBay but where ready to be given to charity so i again claimed them for myself. She only paid around £7 i think but there "Hobbs"so they would have retailed at around 70!. So that was a good deal! and even though there really high they are a great everyday comfortable shoe. That go great with vintage suits! and you can wear them year and year out! and in both summer and winter.

"the Vivienne Westwood, animal toe"

i bought these shoes from Vivienne Westwood Newcastle beginning of the year and i absolutely love them! i wear them with everything because the colour is perfect with any outfit and with any clothing style. And even though they are a modern shoe they have that vintage look! which i love. i paid over £300 for them but i think they are a great investment and they are real leather. And you could wear them in both summer and winter which makes them a great feminine and versatile shoe! which were well worth the money!

" the original 1940s Alligator skin shoes"

I bought these original 1940s Alligator skin shoes from Armstrong's Vintage in Edinburgh just over a year ago! they also needed some minor repairs such a heeling but there perfect. Just the right height small heel for everyday wear! and i love animal skins so that just makes them better.

"The cut out heel shoe"

I found these shoes in a charity shop for £1! which i crazy cheap! they have amazing silver mesh detail on both sides a a cute beaded butterfly on the front! and the fact they have a cut out heel just make them even better! because i can literally never find any heel detail shoes! so i was surprised when i found these! and there really comfy so you can wear them everyday!


" The vintage monochrome shoe"

I got these cute "portland" shoes from a charity shop a few years ago and to be honest i really cant remember where or how much they cost me. I was just recently doing a clear out and found these! and i have worn them so much ever since. There so comfy super cute and go with everything and can be worn both summer and winter! And even though i don't live to follow trends they fit great with the monochrome trend which i huge at the moment! and even though im not a fan of minimalism i love these shoes!

" the perfect winter boot"

I love these boots! i know its summer but i love these boots there my go to winter boots! i wear them with everything in the winter there a great alternative for the below or over the knee boots because if im honest i hate them! i  hate big clumpy boots on me there not my style so when i got these for Christmas last year i wore them to death they now need re heeling ready for the winter. But i love them there cute and girly and they even have real rabbit fur!

"the rockabilly cut out sandle"

I got these amazing cut out red vintage sandles a few weeks ago from salvation army for only £3! there amazing! i couldnt resist them i love red and always wear red so i thought why not??! they go great with summer dresses and are ridiculously comfy! alternative to the boring brown sandle or the ballet flat!

" the blue toe vintage courts"

Well what can i say about these shoes! there bloody amazing. I got them from Armstrong s vintage Edinburgh around the same time i got my Alligator skin shoes there really comfy everyday shoes and go with everything there also a really classic and elegant shoe and you can wear them with everything all year round and i think i only paid around £6 for them which was a total bargain!

" The Kangaroo skin handbag"

This was one of the first vintage handbags i bought and i still love it and use it all the time. I got it from the salvation army for £20! which is a great price for a real kangaroo skin handbag! and it is made in England so it is possibly from the early 1940s or 50s!

" the Crocodile skin handbag"

I bought this real Crocodile skin handbag from a vintage shop in Edinburgh last summer. And as amazing as it is i never use it much any more. the skin began to peel off the handle of the bag so its needs repairing so i have stopped using it for the time being. Which is a shame because it is such an amazing bag!

" The Alligator handbag and my favourite"

This amazing handbag was a gift from my love for Christmas last year. And its my all time favourite vintage handbag it is an original 1930s/40s baby Alligator skin handbag with the body flowing from the front to the back. i had to remove the strap and use it as a clutch bag. Because of the age of the bag it began to rip so i had to remove it! i didn't want to damage this beautiful one off handbag! but it is still my go to bad and im constantly using it because i think its so amazing and unique!

" the 1950s wicker handbag the perfect summer bag"

This is the perfect summer bag! and i got this from a vintage market in Durham and paid around £25 which is more than i usually pay. But its difficult to find original vintage wicker handbags so i couldnt resist this one. Its the perfect summer handbag perfect with summer dresses and sandles!


" the 1960s handbag blue and white handbag"

This 1960s handbag was a gift from my boss and is amazing. Its great to wear with both white and blue and if worn with white is great to add some colour into your outfit! and is another great bag for summer.

" The bamboo handle handbag"

I got this handbag from the RSPCA charity shop for only 50p a few months ago. I bought it because its like nothing else i own! i loved the contrast between the tapestry and the bamboo handles! and its really cute.

" the brown lucite handbag"

I got this amazing brown 1970s lucite handbag from a vintage shop in Milan in may! i have been looking for a cute lucite handbag for months but they are impossible to find in the UK and are really expensive but i managed to get this one for $80! which is a great price! and it is "v" which was a really popular expensive Italian designer in the 1970s! the only thing i can say is that you cant take these into sun as the colour begins to change!

" the classic vintage box bag"

well what can i say about this handbag it was another one of the first vintage bags i bought and i love it! its the classic brown colour and shape of the 1940s! and it is also leather and made in England and for £2! what else can i say?.. bargain!

" The white leather handbag"

Well every girl needs a white handbag great for summer! and great to tone town an outfit! 

" The lucite and bakelite handbag"

The is also one of my favourite vintage handbags and one of the most expensive! i got this from Madame Pauline vintage in Milan. and i paid $120 which is still a great price for a one of bakelite and lucite handbag and it is original 1950s imported from america. However the bakelite has began to crack so it has to be carried light. But it is still one of my favourites and an amazing one off piece.

" The black patent handbag"

This was amazing gift from my boss a few months ago! it goes with everything and can we used all year round. I also love the unique shape which is rare in vintage handbags and i love the gold detailing on the clasp and the handles.

I hope you have enjoyed this post i know it was really long! so well done if you have continued reading all the way to the end.. hope you enjoyed! also stay tuned as im opening my very own eBay shop very soon selling pre loved vintage clothing and accessories a link and more information will be coming very soon! also check out my eBay account user - origionalvintagequeen for some other items listed at the moment.