Wednesday, 25 March 2015


                                               turban and dress vintage, shortened and made into                                                   mini dress and turban,
                necklace - eBay
                  earrings - charity shop
                   cape - vintage
                boots - topshop
              tights - wolford
                bag river island (charityshop)
                   gloves - fancy dress shop
                  silver bangles - charity shop
    I bought this dress over a year ago from a oxfam kilo sale, but was waaaaaay! to long so decided to shorten it and use the excess fabric as a matching turban, because you all know im a sucker for a good printed turban.. or just anything that's a turban really. But never wore it and found it in the back of my wardrobe ( or rail) a few weeks ago and decided i needed to wear and and im so glad i did!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

70s vibes..

Today's look is inspired by this spring/summers 70s trend, so i decided to throw on one of my Favorite original 1970s maxi dresses, and take it in my own direction..

Bag - primark
dress - vintage
hat - vintage

bracelets - vintage
rings - forever 21 and vintage

earrings - charity shop
choker necklace- primark
flower necklace - newlook

tights - wolford
shoes - bronx vintage

Monday, 23 March 2015


Ive been slacking over the last few months on the outfit front, Because lets face it the weathers been totally shit and ive been busy with work commitments and my new ebay shop! which has kept me extremely busy and then finding the time to shop and shoot outfits. But i PROMISE i will keep this as a weekly thing!

Tights - Vivienne westwood
shoes - primark "limited edition"

belt - vintage (from charity shop)
skirt - vintage (from charity shop)

necklace and earrings - primark

hat - vintage
marabou feather coat - topshop sale

tassel bag - primark

Monday, 9 March 2015

London what the hell has happened? my UAL Interview and why London has put me off..

London!... WHAT THE HECK'S HAPPENED? Everyone says London is paved with gold and you can walk down the street with a flamingo on your head and no one would look twice well there wrong and im going to set it straight.. 
.. growing up my mam always told me about London when she was in her teens and into her early twenties she would catch the train to London almost if not every weekend. And told me of almost this golden city where dreams can come true a place like no other in the UK hence why it was named the capital.She told me of clubs like the blitz where you would have to dress up in your absolute best to even be considered  to be let in. A place where everyone got along and celebrated the unusual and the flamboyant. Or the likes of kings road with worlds end sitting right at the top adorned by punks and Westwood fans from all over the world. It just seemed like a city with no fashion rules somewhere where you could go and be different and live in confidence and peace. But meet loads of other flamboyant people and go to local markets and shops which sold unusual and one off pieces that no one else would have.. But she couldn't have been more wrong.

My first impression of the city was pretty bleak. We got on the bus and headed down to oxford street through eeling Broadway and shepherds bush changing at white city. Which was an experience in its self and when we finally made it to oxford street it wasn't the glistening amazing street i had seen it to be. But rather a larger version of Newcastle where everyone looked the same. And i thought to myself where is the unusual and flamboyant where is the people with style? they where no where to be seen. Then heading into selfridges i was then slyly  photographed on a mobile phone by a middle aged women and probably "tweeted" or "facebooked" to all her very boring friends. But never the less i go on with it and headed further down oxford street. Until the rain started which when wearing a marabou feather coat isn't such a joy.

The second day in London was for exploring the city and of course the Interview, we visited kings road and yes Vivienne westwood worlds end was still there in all its glory. But that's all the glory the street had left. My mam told me about a market by the tube station which sold unusual pieces which had gone and was replaced by a foot locker and a pound land! populated by more of the same rich plastic surgery faced women who'd most likely married rich men. Driving around in the range rovers and Mercedes. My mam was completely disgusted by this saying " it wasn't the place she remembered"

What happened to "you could walk down oxford street with a flamingo on your head and no one would bat an eyelid"

And i just think if you cant do that here, you cant walk around in your best outfits and not receive negative comments and sly photographed from a passers i phone. What hope is there left in London? and where is the flamboyant fashion students of UAL? maybe they only come out twice a year for fashion week. Or maybe there isn't actually any flamboyant people left because they've conformed and became the norm? or maybe there all out in the likes of brick lane and Camden but i don't hold out much hope for that. But there's nothing worse and this goes out to all the under dogs out there who never seem to be able to fit in no matter where you go. And just want to find somewhere to fit in and find other people the same as you. And i recently watched a program on fashion and found out that Berlin is big for street style so maybe i should try Berlin next or maybe Amsterdam or even just go back to Milan... Still searching trying to fit in and still being yourself. But i guess the world is just full of judgmental people and you cant please everyone!

On to the interview part of the post which is actually the best part of my whole trip.. We pulled up outside this huge Victorian style building in shepherds bush hidden down a normal side street. Almost as if it was dropped from space. I was panicking as i walked through the doors greeted by over 40 other fashion students eagerly awaiting there interviews. Everyone probably feeling the same but some trying to hide it! I waited for over 30 minutes and then went in to my interview which was taken by two of the course lecturers. Who where more than nice asking me questions about both my work style and my personal style asking me what inspires me and where i source it from. The interview seemed to go well but you can never really tell how the interviewers feeling..

But my trip to London has left me feeling  little numb. Before i set off i felt 100% confident that that's where i wanted to be. But i had never really visited London before only a few times when i was younger. But now im left unsure i think i need to find out my fate at UAL before deciding what to do but i feel at 19 am i to young to leave home and travel 6 hours down to London and study there for 3 years?.. im left unsure and a little bit scared..  i guess London really isn't "paved with gold"

But on the bright side here is some photos from my trip...

The interview outfit..

Day 1 outfit outside of serfridges