Thursday, 3 July 2014

Outfit of the day- - knitted suite and mink with some vintage Chanel!

Today i was feeling 40s after watching "This old thing" a program on channel four about vintage styling and how to shop vintage. Which inspired my to wear a more forties inspired outfit so i pulled out this amazing pink knitted suite and added some fur..

I also did a little bit of online shopping and managed to get my hands on some amazing vintage Chanel shoes! But to get onto the outfit post and a few buys, this post does contain fur so if your not a big fur fan click back  now..

im wearing..
pink knitted suite - £6.99 - Marie curie

Hat - £6.50 - St cuthberts hospice.

Earrings - charity shop £1

Small mink stole - Armstrongs vintage Edinburgh around £10

Gloves - £2.50 - charity shop

Bird brooch - Gift 

Fur muff with built in handbag - charity shop £10

Shoes - £7.00 - Salvation army

1960s cat ornaments £2.50 pair

brooch - £1

Chanel shoes eBay!