Tuesday, 8 July 2014

"Vintage fashion" my main inspirations and why leggings are the worst piece of clothing invented!

So this post is a little bit different to what i normally do. But i decided to venture away from the usual "outfit of the day" posts and do something a little different so i thought it do a more fashion driven post and what having style means to me and of course what i think having a real "style" flair is and what my main inspirations are.
Ive only worn vintage clothes for just over a year now and to be completely honest i really don't know where it came from. I know it didn't happen over night but it seemed to happen slowly over the space of a year so i really didn't notice until i started to wear it full time every day of the week! and ive got to say i love it. Of course you get the obvious rude narrow minded comments which everyone who chooses to dress differently does. Unless your lucky and live in a large city like London or New York. But sadly i live in a small city near Newcastle which consists off 99.9% of sheep who choose to wear the same and look the same as everyone else and tend to have the same narrow minded look on life. But \after a while of being called "Jesus christ", "cruella de ville" and "marry poppins" you begin to get used to it. 

But enough about me! lets get onto the meaning of this post! which is of course style. Which is always something i have been concious off but for some reason i have always love people who have the nerve to stand out and not wear what's expected and is seen as the "norm"! so i when i began to study fashion at Sixth form i began to experiment and dress more unique because your a fashion student! your meant to stand out right? and began to look online and turned to blogs for inspiration and that's when i found Ari Seth Cohan and his blog "Advanced Style" showing older women with there own personal style and flair which i loved and admired these great women for not only having such great style but for having the damn nerve to go out and dress the way they wanted and not care what people think because they are who they are! and that's  when i began to come into my own and really find myself! so THANK GOD! for fashion! and of course blogs.

So heres some images of the incredible women from "Advanced style" (all images credit to Ari Seth Cohan)

Lynn Dell Cohan

Lynn Dell Cohan

Lynn Dell Cohan

Joyce Carpati

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel in her Manhattan apartment

Of course my other main inspirations are from the past and the way women "where" women where i believe more elegant and glamorous and took care of the way they looked and dressed. Looking back at images from the 1940s and 50s inspired me to dress that way. Because of the way the women dressed to show of the femininity and there figures. And for me personally the cut of clothing from the 50s suite my curvy figure more than the 60s which was the mini skirt and the shift dress which if im being honest make me look like a potato on legs if i even attempt the where them!

I just feel like fashion from the 1950s went down hill from there. The 1960s isnt a personal favourite of myn and fashion from the 1970s to now is just not my taste. And i absolutely hate leggings and tracksuit bottoms. I believe exactly what Karl Lagerfeld said when she said " if your wearing track pants you've given up". I mean what's happened to just wearing track suite bottoms for working out and exercising i think the main problem with girls and women these days is that they've became lazy just because they get away with running to the shop or doing the school run in leggings and a t shirt or track suite bottoms doesn't mean they should go out shopping or wear them everyday. And women who think well of themselves chose to be there selves dress glamorous and different get looked at and called nasty names? surely something isn't right then. Back in the 1950s is you didn't make that effort everyday you wouldn't find a husband or you would be deemed as an out cast or someone who wasn't deemed fit for society. But it seemed the roles have reversed.

I just think that the black legging is the worst piece of clothing invented. Especially women ad girls wearing them two sizes to small and there see through?! why doesn't any body tell them that there underwear is showing. Or there now wearing them as trousers. But enough about the legging and more onto the vintage side of style.

in the word of Coco Chanel " women should be both classy and fabulous"

All images sourced from pinterest.

But overall i believe women should be classy and fabulous and should make that little bit of effort everyday because why not? and they should feel comfortable and should be able to look and dress in what ever way they choose. Even if it is a black legging as long as they make the glamorous in some way why not? But creating your own style is what fashion is all about and what style is. Even if that makes you different there's nothing wrong with people different. Because we are all different like snow flakes we are all unique in are own way!.

But i adore the fashion of the 1940s and 50s the most.  Because of the women the furs the hats and the figure hugging clothing that shows of there figures to the best they can be! I hope you have enjoyed this post and i hope it has given you a little bit of insight on my take on fashion and what i think style really is! 

And remember ladies stay fabulous...