Thursday, 11 December 2014

Digital Portfolio application for BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Production (UAL)

Digital portfolio application for Fashion Styling and Production (UAL)

I have posted in this post 15 images of both my styling work and my development for each shoot. I have also added some drawings to my Digital portfolio i can draw using mixed media if i need to for development work. I have chosen to start with my older work and progress into my newer work to show my development and improvement in my styling work since my application last year.

These illustrations where done on sheets of A3 paper using Biro,paint and collage. I scanned my garment into the computer and printed it out on large sheets. I then used them to collage onto my illustrations because i feel it complements the illustrations better than just using paints or pencils. And i think they give the illustrations more dimension. These illustrations where final ideas for a diy project which i used three existing garments. A black fitted blazer, a printed bomber jacket and a grey mack. and re worked them into different garments to create a small fashion collection.

This is the final photo shoot for my diy project. I originally shot these images in my living room with a makeshift back drop using a white sheet. However i  decided to make the shoot more interesting i photo shopped my images onto a image of a gym. Because i of course couldn't get a gym to shoot in at the time of the project but i think it works well. I also decided to style up my garments to show how they would be worn if they were worn everyday.

These images where from my first real styling shoot. The shoot was styled around the top which i had customised by adding ruffles around both the neck and sleeves. So i styled up my top to show how it could be worn.

Styling ideas and development including fabrics and colour schemes for " Lady of Extravagance" photo shoot,

These images where part of my final major project for my foundation diploma. My project was called " Unexpected Glamour" because i wanted to create a series of editorial images which are conveying real glamour in the most unexpected places. And each set of images had a different  theme and name. These images where inspired by Dior couture and are named "Lady of Extravagance" and where shot in my local launderette.

The second photo shoot was named "Playground Voyage" I wanted to be more playful with this shoot. And i think the mix of leopard print and sequins really compliment the colours of the playground but at the same time they are a complete contrast.

 Development pages for " Playground Voyage" photo shoot. Including garment sketches and possible colour schemes.

My third shoot for my " Unexpected Glamour" project is named " glamour doll" and carries a 1950s pinup vibe. And i added a average person in the background to show the contrast between extravagance and an everyday person.

My fourth and final shoot for my project was named " Grand Geisha" and was inspired by both the mad hatter and the geisha.

Styling research pages for " Grand Geisha" photo shoot. Including existing designer work, colour schemes and make-up ideas.

These set of images where part of a photo shoot called " Living doll" inspired by the idea of the idealism of a women wanting to be almost so perfect she is like a porcelain doll. But becomes perfectly imperfect because of it.

This shoot  i called " Psychedelic Opulence" was inspired by the concept of feeling rich. But not by money by style. And loving each and every piece of your wardrobe you want to wear it all.

"New England" shoot was inspired by this original mood board i created. This shoot was themed around classic tartan. but i wanted to give this shoot more of an edge by mixing prints and adding sequin garments.