Saturday, 19 July 2014

Where ive been for the last week - Interning at John Lewis

As you will have probably noticed i have blogged for a while ( well a week) but that's a long time when ive been blogging everyday! But dont worry i have a valued excuse for not blogging and i haven't been lazy and i haven't given up on my blog. And im definitely not a "halfer" as the blogging universe call it. Ive been interning at John Lewis Newcastle in the visual merchandise department Window dressing and dressing mannequins for the male and female fashion department. Which i have been doing to build up my experience for my personal statement which i will be re sending in December, So i was hoping this experience working for John Lewis would give me some more experience which it has, more than i thought i would gain!

Well to get onto the main aim of this post. I am as i always say will be brutally honest and not "sugar coated" in any way. But what can i say? there isn't one think i can say that wasn't extremely exiting and enjoyable about my experience? there wasn't one thing and that's the honest truth. It was an amazing week and i enjoyed every single minute of it. I have learned more than i even thought i would i have learned how to properly dress a mannequin and learned how to style up things i would never have thought of. And each and every member of the visual merchandise team where friendly and took me as if i was one of them. Not just there for the week and not someone who was a hassle and a chore they where lovely to talk to and treat me as if i had been there for years on there team. I also didn't realise how much visual merchandise actually did for a big store like John Lewis, i just thought they dressed the windows and the mannequins but they do so much more than i expected. And i honestly don't know how the team managed to do it all. And even though my passion lies with fashion styling it would still be an incredibly enjoyable job to do, I also enjoyed working in the windows creating there 150 years, most initiative products window displays ready for there 150 years anniversary this year. I learned how much time and effort the team puts in when doing displays. 

More importantly i didn't think i would work as hard as i did. But it was well worth it and worth putting in my time and effort because i enjoyed every minute of it! hopefully met someone who can be a life long friend. And someone i feel i have learned a lot from and taught  me a lot this week. And i am so glad i have been given the opportunity to work with such a reputable company and with such great people.

So that's what i have been doing for the last week. There will be more "what im wearing" and some very special feature posts coming up very soon. make sure you comment below what you think!