Friday, 25 July 2014

"today im wearing" - vintage Dior scarf!

"Today im wearing" a vintage Dior scarf i picked up at a car boot sale a few years ago for only £3!! im not 100% sure on it authenticity but im happy with it and that's all that matters and for that price what do you expect right? and as i was saying on my previous blog post that the heat here in unbearable! its risen into the late 20s! which is really hot here because it is so humid! so i have really been struggling to find outfits to wear! but ive given it another go...

"Dior scarf" £3 car boot sale
red vintage blouse - £2.49 ymca 
white belt - £1 ebay

1950s american lucite and bakelite handbag - $150 Madame pauline vintage Milan

bangles - various charity shops

bangles - 50p car boot

purse brooch - £1.99 salvation army 
pearls - aunts 

black brooch - christmas gift

pearl earrings - £1.50 - st cuthberts hospice

green knitted snood - eBay - £3.50

vintage Chinese print shoes - £2 barnardos