Sunday, 27 July 2014

most recent charity shop buys!

So ive been shopping lately! well AGAIN! the loore of as charity shop is just to much i can never resist having to go in! and even though there really cheap you cant help buying more and more things which usually ends up meaning spending all my weeks pay in a matter of day! but at least your getting the quality in vintage items you pay two or three pounds for! where as if you went into topshop or h&m for the extra £20 or thirty pounds the quality just isn't there. And the thing that gets me is about 2000 other people will have exactly the same thing! so if you want to be unique and wear something that no one else will have? try the charity shops. You dont have to dress head to toe in vintage you dont even have to wear vintage at all you can find great brands like topshop, Karen milen and sometimes even designer brands! at a fraction of the original price and you can still look fashionable but at a cheaper price and still be unique. They'll be as good as new after a quick wash in the washing machine! But still... enough of my stupid excuses and trying to justify my ridiculous spending habits but a girl can never have to many clothes right? well that's what i think and since ive been working hard lately i thought id treat myself so heres my most recent charity shop finds which i have collected up over the last few week. Enjoy...

Found these amazing modern does vintage espadrilles for only £2.99 in age UK! the perfect summer shoe!

Vintage wicker handbag comes with detachable long strap £2.99 age UK!

Modern does vintage "west" shoes £5.99 British heart foundation

Picked up this amazing vintage lipstick print neck scarf in salvation army for only 99p! and since im a huge lipstick lover i couldn't resist!

Raided my Grans wardrobe last week and found this amazing vintage Viyella purple fitted skirt suite! which she said she paid over £150 when she first bought this and had only worn it once!.

picked up this modern does vintage blazer jacket for only £1.50!

another thing i found in my grans wardrobe a cerise pink blouse with ruffle detail!

found this vintage peplum blouse in mind for only £2.99

Vintage pillar box hat with bow £6.50 St cutherberts hospice

Vintage white lace summer gloves £1.50 St cuthberts hospice

cream mink stole! £10 st cuthberts hospice

ocsar la renta neck scarf! another from my gran!