Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Outfit of the day and new purchases!

Well the weather is ridiculously hot here in the north east! well its 20 degrees but for us that's really hot and the fact its horribly clammy makes the heat even worse. And when its not it usually rains through the night and we have thunder storms! and since its normally cold here i buy clothes for cold weather so when there's a heat wave i panic and usually think i have nothing to wear. And since it was really hot here today and i was heading off for a spot of  retail therapy well charity shopping for me! i threw on this St Micheal 1960s shift dress which is something i never wear but all my other dresses have jackets or cap sleeves so this dress was my only option. But on the bright side its a cute summer dress!.. Enjoy.

spotty 1960s dress - £6 - St cuthberts hospice

1950s basket bag - around £25 - Durham vintage market

green and gold chain necklace - mams
purse brooch  - £1.50 salvation army
tortoise brooch - Aunts
fur brooch £1 car boot sale

red velvet hat with bow - £6.50 - St cuthberts hospice

pink pearl and beads drop earrings - £1 Edinburgh charity shop

1940s red velvet platforms £2 Barnardos

I also did a spot of charity shop shopping at Sunderland and it was only a short one! but i managed to pick up two great buys. I managed to get my hands on another amazing feather hat. Since they are so hard to come by and at the moment they are usually really expensive so i was really happy when i found this one for only £15!

1940s blue/purple feather hat £15 - age UK vintage

I also found this amazing pearl necklace at new look. Which i never usually shop but i decided to pop in and found a bargain for only £3! and it looks vintage