Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Trip to York - vintage finds!

So as you all know it was my birthday last week! i turned 19 so decided it was time for a tip to York for the day. To hunt down the best vintage bargains in both the vintage and charity shops. It was a beautiful day and thankfully no rain! and it only took just over 45 minutes on the train from Durham! york minster was incredible however having to pay to get in was crazy! and because im a student means in a bit of a cheap skate so passed on having to pay to get in and just gave it a miss. And continued to shop instead! we found some amazing vintage vintage shops and one which we didn't even know was there and just stumbled upon. Which ended up being the one with the best finds! we also found one called priestleys which was incredible a little on the pricey side for me but if i had the sort of money they are asking for i would have defiantly spent it in there! with clothing from all era and of amazing quality and condition. They also had the most beautiful 1940s snakeskin platforms and some amazing vintage hats! however they weren't for sale! ( not as if i would have been able to afford them anyways) the reviews on the web said they the owner was rude. However they were very pleasant to us! but maybe he was having a good day! we also enjoyed a lovely meal at Bella Italia before heading home on the train. So overall it was a perfect day with lots of bargains found and great weather which is very rare here in England. Anyway i will get on with the post.. heres my vintage finds of the day!

This was on of my first finds of the day and when i saw it i knew i had to have it. Im a major sucker for anything oriental so this amazing vintage hand painted Chinese dress with two side slits was a need in my wardrobe. And it was only 14.99 from oxfam from there small vintage section.

Well i didnt exactly pick up this bangle in York but it was a gift from my mam from when she was out doing some charity shopping herself. But i got it yesterday so added it into this finds! im unsure of the price but it was from a charity shop.

This belt was an amazing find from Sure Ryder. A charity shop which has its own vintage section upstairs! it was amazing with lots of great vintage items. I picked this belt up from there in there sale basket for only 50p but with a little bit of button stitching it will be as good as new! BARGAIN!

These oriental shoes where also a gift from my mam from barnardos for £2 and will go perfectly with my new oriental dress!

These amazing long olive green vintage gloves where also from the Sue Ryder charity shop and they where only £5! they will be perfect for the winter!

This has got to be my favourite find of the day! also from the Sue Ryder charity shop and it was only £40! it is mink and has 12 mink tails and two mink heads on it! and as you all know i am massive vintage fur lover so when i spotted this i knew i needed it in my collection and for only £40 it was a steal!

I picked up this amazing 1950s necklace, earrings and brooch set from the Sue Ryder charity shop for £17.50 it was still in perfect condition with no stones missing and it was a treat from my love for my birthday!

I picked up this 1950s necklace from the Antique centre for £13 and it is still in perfect condition for its age!

This brooch was also from the Antique centre and it was only £4.50

I  couldn't  resist this super cute "sad sam" ornament from the pdsa charity shop! im a sucker for any cute ornaments! so i had to have this one and for only £2.50 why not?

This amazing find was from Bowler vintage which we just happened to stumble upon accidently while looking for another vintage shop. I tried this dress on and knew instantly it was made for me. It is very very rare that i find a vintage dress from the 50s that finds me perfectly and this one does! it also has a really cute sash detail on the back and a ruffled stomach detailing which slims the stomach its perfect! and it was a great price for a 50s piece for £60 and the fit is well worth that price.

I also picked up this 1950s dress from bowler vintage and it was also a perfect fit! it is hand painted and it has a amazing neck detailing! and for £40!