Friday, 8 August 2014

this weeks favourites - most recent vintage bargains. all £10 or under!

Yet again. ive been spending to much money again and charity shopping spending money on more thinks i literally dont need. My mam always says to be just think do you really need it? and that literally never worked because i think of course i bloody need it! i wouldn't want it if i didn't need it. But i never do need it really but i cant get enough im a hoarder and i know it! But yeah ive been shopping again and every-things £10 or under. Which yet again proves you can shop still get amazing items and save money! you dont have to go to topshop and spend over £20 for a top or a pair of leggings (my pet hate) when you can have a look in th charity shops. whatever your style and still fine great fashionable items for any taste and most likely create a whole outfit ( with accessories) for that £20 or less that you would normally spend on one t shirt which is most likely rubbish quality that will defiantly shrink in the wash first time. So why not have a look in the charity shops? you never know what you will find. and these people that say aww its used clothes no body wants? well you need to get your head our of your arse and go in?! for god sake i have no shame your gonna be something totally unique and with a quick wash its back to new?!

But anyway this is what ive been buying this week.. and yes i needed them ;)

Got this amazing vintage rabbit (coney) fur coat at the local market for only £10! which was a total bargain and perfect for the incredibly cold winter months here in the UK! which is normally all year round so i usually get a good wear out of my furs!

Got this amazing original 1950s ostrich feather hat for only £10! it should have been £18 but the women on the stall knows me so did me a great deal!

red crochet gloves £5

Got this amazing gold diamonte necklace and matching brooch set from british heart foundation still in original box for only £5.99!!! and i cant resist a good piece of over the top costume jewellery!

picked up this amazing Chinese vintage dress from salvation army for only £5.99 which i believe you can never have enough oriental style vintage dresses so yes i really needed this one! 

I was recently inspired by the amazing and one of my main inspirations and style icon Lucille Balls 103 rd birthday i was inspired by her always amazing eyes, to purchase some natural looking false eyelashes.

Couldn't believe when i found these! ive been lusting after some original 1940s platforms for some time. But they always seem to be waaaaaay out of my price range and are so hard to get! but i found these amazing ravel 1940s style strappy platforms for only £4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to have a compact but sadly it smashed and the mirror inside so i was then blessed with bad luck! but today after searching for a new one for ages managed to find this amazing one with original estee lauder powder puff inside for only £4.99!

got these amazing 1940s style wedges with heel embroidery from british heart foundation for £4.99

more bangles to add to my collection.. got this set of two green bangles from a local charity shop for £1.99 each!

Got this amazing original 1950s oriental themed plastic handbag at a local flea market for only £5 but i managed to knock down the owner to £4! and it has been by far my favourite vintage find this week and for a long time. i couldn't pass this one up! and yes i definitely needed this.. i mean who would pass on this one?!

Last but not least.. another of my favourites this week i received this amazing markasite ring from my grandma which she received from my great aunt for her 16th birthday in 1954! it is amazing and i have been told it is worth some money but i would never sell it is a family air loom and not only that but an amazing original piece and it fits perfectly!