Friday, 29 August 2014

inspirations of the week - week two! - Carmen Miranda!

OK, so this is the second week of my inspirations of the week which im planning on doing each week showing which things inspired me and why! however this one is a little late due to lots and lots happening last week. So this week i haven't bee inspired by a lot of things like last week but just one glamorous lady has inspired me this week and thats Carmen Miranda the Brazillian singer/ dancer and actress. I have to totally agree that me and her share the love for more is more! and not doing any thing but halfs when it comes to styling myself. I hate anything minimal and believe styling yourself to the max every single day is the way to go! so this week i have looked to the forever stylish and one of my main fashion inspirations I love the way she wore her quirky fruity head pieces and of course that incredible platform shoe collection shes a girl after my own heart!  and of course you cant forget her love for over the top exquisite head pieces and turban! and you all know im a huge turban lover and lover off all things flamboyant especially in the head wear variety. So Carmen this weeks inspiration goes to you and only you. Because who can live up to her style in one week?

She was a lover of the platform the same as myself! and had pairs made my some of the words best shoe designers with custom fruit, studs and even embellishment! i just hope one day i have a shoe collection amazing as hers!

She also rocked that incredible hair roll!

Known for her incredible talent, beauty and style Carmen Miranda will forever be one of my style icons along with Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers! and that's why she had to be this weeks one and only inspiration because what else can be put along side her? 

hope you enjoyed the post feel free to comment!

lots of love original vintage queen xo