Sunday, 22 June 2014

Volunteering as a window dresser some tips and what i wore..

I have been volunteering as a window dresser at my local Age UK for just over two months now and i have enjoyed every minute of it. I do there shop mannequin's and main window mannequins every Sunday and just have to freedom to pick out which of there stock i want to put onto them and use there accessories, handbags and shoes to make outfits. Giving the customers an idea how to out things together or just give them some inspiration on how to style up things if they are unsure on how they would style it. I sometimes even forget im helping them by giving my time because it doesn't feel like im actually working. 

Ideally i would love to be a professional stylist and style real people! for editorials more on the couture or concept side. Creating high concept outfits for shoots which is what i am best at. Coming up with an outfit for a unique theme. However dressing mannequins and people for normal everyday wear is still fun.
They photos aren't as good as camera quality as i could only take them on my photo camera.

I started off by dressing the main window mannequins and decided i wanted them to very summery. They could provide inspiration for people going on there holidays but i still wanted the clothes to still be able to be worn in england. so i added a cardigan over the strappy maxi dress in case it is a little bit chilly. I also added the chunky necklace as a statement piece and because they are very popular and in fashion at the moment.

I added the over the shoulder bag and picked out the blue flowers in the dress and added a blue scarf to the bag to add more colour to the outfit. However i wasn't to sure on the cardigan i added to the dress because i felt it was blending to much into the dress and wasn't standing out as a good cover up and wanted to chose a colour that would pop against the floral print.

TIP! - it is important when you are adding accessories to an outfit to pick out a colour within your main garment and go from there.

I added this lime green cardigan over the top of the maxi dress because i thought that it stood out against the dress instead of blending in. And it is a very popular colour for the summer. I also decided to add a sequin beanie hat to make a look more fun and youthful also make the look more bohemian.

The next window mannequin i dressed was influenced by the races and of course Ascot. Since a lot of people have been coming in recently looking for hats for the races i thought i could give them a little inspiration on there outfit.
I put this hot pink lace pencil skirt with ribbon bow which you tie at the back with this floral tunic top. which i decided to put together to keep the floral theme running through the two main window mannequins.

I added this black statement necklace to make the outfit look more classy and i chose black to keep it toned down. I also added this black and cream wicker beach bag so the outfit could be worn on holiday.

And of course i added a hot pink hat to complete my races themed outfit. And the finished window mannequins.

I chose this black and white ruffled shirt and decided to add this red and gold studded belt so i could then use reds blues and golds for my accessories.

TIP - black and white is a great colour palette for any outfit then you can pick out any other colour for your accessories.

I put this red, blue and gold nautical beach bag with my black and white ruffled shirt because pattern clashing is very popular and in fashion at the moment and these prints clash but at the same time go hand in hand with each other. And i chose these cherry red shoes to match the red belt.

I then added this statement green and black necklace to finish off the look. And i chose green because the green goes with the red belt and shoes i chose.

When constructing this outfit i started with picking out this paisley mini skirt and picked out this pleated purple top. I then added this black statement necklace.

Then added this silver and gold Chanel style handbag to complete the look.

I started this outfit but choosing this navy blue skirt with rouched waistline and added this navy blue printed scarf and added it as a belt.

I then picked out the orange from the scarf and added this strapless top to add a pop of colour to this outfit.

I added this green and orange necklace to complete the look and give it a tropical feel.

I created this look picking out red and black from the top, and added strappy sandles to make it suitable for summer.

I added this purple necklace to this neutral outfit to add a pop of colour but not to much colour.

And now for what i wore..

Todays outfit was nautical themed but still comfy and casual for window dressing.

Hat - Local vintage market £6
Scarf - bought today Age uk £2.50
Dress - salvation army £4.50
Bag - British heart £5
Shoes - British heart £4.99
Belt - charity shop £1
Gloves - Herman brown Edinburgh £12

This is the print on my giant scarf, love the summery beach/nautical print. Which i couldn't resist buying today while i was window dressing and for only £2.50!