Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A peak into my bedroom/dressing room..

So i am a bit of a compulsive hoarder and collector of all things vintage. I am constantly shopping and sneaking into charity shops when im told not to spend money and always buying new things. And they all end up in the exact same place my bedroom which is more like a dressing room (if only i had one) of course its every girls dream to have her own walk in wardrobe but sadly i  live at home with my parents. But a girl can dream, so my bedroom is almost like a walk in wardrobe but with a bed and TV. But everything else in it is clothing so i just call it a wardrobe except for the fact i dont have room for a wardrobe so i ended up having clothing rails put it to house the amount of clothes i have collected. I have collected over 70 pairs of vintage shoes with the odd designer shoe exceptions. I am also a massive vintage hat fan and have 90 vintage hats in total! I am also like any other girls a lover of handbags and jewellery because jewellery completes an outfit doesn't it?

So now you know i am a huge clothes fan and spend every penny i make funding my clothing addiction. But i don't drink or smoke With the exception of the odd glass of wine on special occasions. So why not? So heres a sneak peak into my bedroom/dressing room.

One of my scarf holders housing my most worn vintage scarf's. And some of my vintage belts.


My vintage handbags. Some of my favourites include my original 1940s alligator skin handbag above ^^ I got as a gift from my love. And a real Kangaroo skin handbag i got for a steal above ^^

Some of my shelves which were originally meant for a few decorative items but i ended up over filling with junk and souvenirs. For example the pin up girl glass bottles my dad got me from Italy above ^^. But my personal favourite is the rare black vintage sausage dog from the 60s i got for only £3.
I also hang some of my hats on the wall using nails but there not to easy to get to now i have a rail below housing my vintage suits. ^^

Some shoe boxes i got from my Vivivenne Westwood animal toe shoes the most comfy Mary janes!. Some of my favourite vogue magazines and the amazing lucite purse i got from Madame Pauline vintage vintage in milan! you should go check out there instagram and facebook!

Hat box where i store some more of my hats! ^^

My new favourite vintage hat. The amazing pink feather Audrey Hepburn esk sun hat! My mam got me for only £6 bargain! And some framed vogue covers i got from New York.

Marilyn vanity case and my feather hats.

My main clothing rails housing my skirts, shirts, jackets and dresses. Ranging from the 1940s to 60s.

 some  of my less worn hats hanging on a clothing line above my clothing rails ranging from 1920s to 50s

Some of my daily worn shoes. Which i am planning on buying shoe racks to organise them.

My most worn vintage hats i have collected over the last year. 

Gloves galore. And of course a pair of vintage driving gloves even though i dont drive....

Vintage jewellery box  given to me by my Gran and a lot of the jewellery was my great aunts she left to me. And a cigarette holder I dont smoke but its good to have..

Pink glass bowl i picked up from a charity shop which is featured in a previous post. holding my vintage brooches. Also a vintage pearl and earring set bought by my love And a green vintage earring and ring set given to me by my lovely friend all the way from Canada.

What girl doesn't love a turban? and nail varnish which majority were borrowed from my mam and not returned yet.

My bedside table turned dressing table to house and display my jewellery.

Where i keep my seamed and fully fashioned stockings. corselette, suspender belts, girdles and shape-wear. Every girls gotta have the perfect underwear.

My Grandma gave my her "Skyline" vanity box from the 1950s. I now use it to store all my beauty products.

Bought this cute miniature draw container from poundland to store my vintage earrings.

Well that's my over crowded untidy bedroom/dressing room. I hope you have enjoyed this post and i hope you dont think i am "bragging" about what i have because i am not at all. I just really enjoy looking on blogs at other people bedroom and vintage collections and thought i would share myn. Everything i have bought i have bought myself from my Saturday job working at a vintage shop so i dont have much money and everything i own is either a gift from a friend or family or have bought from either a charity shop, vintage shop or car boot sale. But i hope you have enjoyed the post.