Thursday, 19 June 2014

About me and my trip to Milan.

Hi my name is Amber AKA! original vintage queen. I am an 18 year old fashion diploma graduate and hoping to study BA  fashion styling starting next September. I live in a small county outside of Durham near Newcastle in the UK. Where being different isn't something that is accepted and isn't something a lot of people are. people chose to wear black leggings ( see through of course) and scruffy trainers. and that's just the girls!. I have been had a PASSION! for fashion reading vogue and other fashion magazines since the age of 14 and have been a keen fashionista! ever since.

I began mixing vintage with high street before deciding to wear only vintage! i am a strong believer in " everyday is an opportunity for fashion!" and believe everyday should be treated like your last so why not dress up and make an effort? I am a hater of tracksuit bottoms (track pants) and believe Karl Lagerfeld was right when he said " if your wearing track pants you've given up". and there are no exceptions. I admire people who have the desire and the nerve to stand out in a world full of people just trying so badly to fit in. And people who can take negative comments and the laughing and sniggering and brush it off not giving a damn what other people think. They are the people i really admire. And of course a women or man who can pull of a good hat! 

I decided to start a blog after creating my instagram page - (originalvintagequeen) over a year ago which received amazing feedback and have gained over 1500 followers from all over the world also giving me the chance to make more friends who dress like me. ( not many people dress like me from where im from). I then began to connect with my many followers taking inspiration from there style and there courage to stand out and dress differently. i then began to get a lot of good feedback about my style which gave me more confidence to dress the way i do. My friends and family then began to tell me i should start a blog which isn't just limiting me to instagram. Sharing my daily outfits, inspirations and vintage purchases as i am a bit of a shopaholic and partial to a good charity shop! 
But enough about me. Here's some pictures of my amazing trip to Italy (Milan) i want to move there so bad, the people, the fashion and the history all blew me away!.

Day 1 travelling.

Well getting up at 2 am after not being able to sleep is never good! Excitement of travelling to the fashion capital got the better of me!

 Decided to treat myself at duty free. I have always wanted to try some Chanel to see what the fuss was all about. And lets just say.. i wasn't disappointed and at the ridiculously low duty free price they were a bargain. And of course some light reading.. Italian Vogue ( even though i cant understand Italian) but at least i could look at the pictures right?

We arrived at the hotel ( me and my dad on the left)l in style with out chauffeur  in a blacked out Mercedes limo. Arriving to a scorching 33 degrees!

Finally arriving at our suite. showing off my travelling two flights outfit!

Day 2 in Milan

 First day trying out the chanel mat lumiere in the lightest shade!.

 make-up and hair of the day!

 The amazing "Doumo" Milan's cathedral.

 Entrance to Milan's famous shopping plaza featuring the likes of Prada and Louis Vuitton.

 My outfit of the day wearing.
hat - vintage, eBay
A scarf - charity shop £1
handbag - charity shop £2
original 1950s dress - Ding dong Vintage - shop link in the side bar >>>>>
stockings - eBay
silver animal toe shoes - Vivienne Westwood official.

 Amazing vintage shop! Madame Pauline vintage! the most amazing vintage shop i have been to! selling high end designer vintage ranging from the 1940s to present day selling the likes of Chanel, Mui Mui and Belenciaga. Owners were lovely and gave me a great discount!

 purchases from three amazing vintage shops!
pink hat - Madame Pauline vintage
sunglasses - Prada
white lucite handbag - Madame Pauline vintage
brown lucite bag other vintage shop.
brown vintage tee pee hat - other vintage shop
Vogue Italia and Vogue India (which i was surprised was in English)

Amazing 1950s dress and matching bolero jacket only $60!

Milan day 3

We visited the amazing royal castle. Where there was lots of amazing culture and architecture.

Outfit wearing-
scarf - Dior
original 1950s dress - gift from a friend.
handbag - vintage shop in Milan
animal toe shoes - Vivienne Westwood

Amazing fountain ( it was so hot could have dived in!) and amazing view of the main entrance of the royal castle.

royal castle courtyard where there was wild cats and kittens!

Milan courthouse

Amazing find from a local market! vintage cherry necklace and matching earrings only $10!!!

Milan day 4

Enjoying a cocktail!

Visited the most famous shopping street in Milan! amazing designer stores such as Mui Mui, Prada, Gucci, Tom Ford and Chanel.

Amazing cocktail! ( non alcoholic of course)

 outfit wearing!
sunglasses - car boot
original 1950s dress - local vintage fair
handbag - Madame Pauline vintage
shoes - Vivienne Westwood.

found my dream wedding dress - of course it would be to order and by appointment only! i have to much of an expensive taste.

Milan final day!

Outfit wearing
 wearing hat - ebay
sunglasses - Mui Mui
Dress - local vintage market
shoes - Vivienne Westwood
crocodile skin  handbag - local car boot.

 Found my favourite designer store by chance after searching for it for 4 days!

leaving Milan  - granny style

So that concludes my first ever blog post! and concludes my trip to an amazing city. The fashion capital. The city really made me feel welcome with photographers taking my photo and the amazing street style of the local Italians. I really do understand why it is called the worlds fashion capital.