Sunday, 29 June 2014

Styling at Durham thrift fair - what i wore and what i bought!

Today i was working and helping out the stylist at the Durham thrift fair held at the gala theatre. The point of the afternoon was the show people how to up cycle and put life back into clothing from charity shops or just old clothes in there wardrobe they never wear any more. And to show people to how to dress for there body shape. We also put together some outfit ideas on mannequins showing people how to style up items from each charity shop. And also just giving people a little bit of styling advice on clothing they'd bought from the stalls Giving them some interesting ideas on how to style it that maybe they wouldn't have thought of putting with it. It was also a great opportunity to work with a great stylist and the days atmosphere was great.

But of course they were local charity shop stalls with a few interesting vintage items so i couldn't help treating myself to a few vintage treats. And oxfam had a £5 a kilo sale where i managed to pick up a few good pieces. So here is some photos of what I wore for the event and what a managed to get my hands on.

1950s purple flower hat - eBay part of a job lot
Peggy French couture suite - £30 age uk
Fur coat - Armstrong vintage Edinburgh £40

Vintage brown leather handbag - £5 Salvation army
Scarf - 50p salvation army 

Lemon kid leather 1940s gloves - £3 Durham market

Shoes £4.99 salvation army

Balmain vintage nylon tights £5 - Age uk

Blue knitted snood £3.99 eBay

pearl earrings - gift from a lovely instragram follower all the way from Canada.

And now onto what i bought...

Picked up these amazing pearl earrings room the st cuthberts hospice stall for £1.50

Got this amazing real Alligator skin handbag from St cuthberts for £10

Got this cute jacked from the kilo sale so im not sure the price as everything i got from there ended up costing £5!

Hat - St cuthberts £6.50

Hat -  St cuthberts £6.50

Love the huge bow on the back!

Jacket - kilo sale

Dress - kilo sale

Jacket - kilo sale

Dress - kilo sale