Thursday, 26 June 2014

Outfit of the day and some charity shop bargains

So recently i was gifted this amazing fox from a friendly old lady a friend of my Grans which was her mams in the 1930s. It is in perfect condition as if it has never been worn and is a gorgeous ginger/brown colour. I love fur and enjoy wearing only vintage fur of course as it was very fashionable and popular up until the late 1960s when the fur ban came into action. I am a huge fur lover and believe fur is beautiful and why should it be wasted locked away somewhere and hidden from the world when it was killed and made into a coat or stole over 50 years ago. Thats what it was killed for therefore it shouldn't be wasted. However i do not agree with today's fur industry and the mass amount of fur and mink farms and the conditions. But i believe that it is a different case for vintage fur as it wasn't as mass produced and was more humain. I understand other peoples beliefs and that a lot of people dont like fur But just to warn any anti- fur people that this post and many of my other posts will be featuring furs and any rude or nasty fur comments will be removed from this blog. But i hope you enjoy the outfit post. :-)

Lucille Ball inspired hair.
Hat - £2 scope charity shop
Fox fur - gifted
1950s Satin lined pink coat but costumer of Newcastle part of a set £5.99 salvation army.
1960s Baby blue suite - £3 scope
wicker handbag - £22 vintage fair
1950s shoes £4.99 British heart.
Snood eBay £3.99

1950s shoes £4.99 British heart.

Brooch £2.50 charity shop.

Snood eBay £3.00
Hat scope £2.99

Plastic bangles - Various charity shops
Purple vintage gloves Durham market Vintage £3

Picked up this amazing pink vintage suite today for a steal got it for only £1! reduced from five for a charity shop in the market. And these red vintage summer sandles for only £2.99