Sunday, 9 November 2014

look of the day, "Classy traveller" FT home made map skirt!

Hey Guys and Dolls! today's look is inspired by a skirt i made myself for some of my fashion design projects, I made the skirt from a plastic table cloth for a project called grids and maps! And it has been lying in my wardrobe for just over 2 years unworn, so i decided to get it out and style it up! And as much as i hate layering up winters here and its getting cold already and its only the beginning of November so i imagine by December its going to be freezing! so ive layered up with a cute cropped jacket and of course my winter saviours coloured tights and fur! And todays hair is inspired of course by Betty Grable! So here it is..

Fur - vintage ebay
blue cropped jacket charity shop -£2
white belt £1 charity shop
mustard tights - £2 primark
red platforms - £2.50 charity shop
vintage handbag - Gift
red shirt - winds moor - £4.50 charity shop

Flower ring 50p - charity shop!

Gold watch - Mams

set of rings - 99p ebay

Vintage chanel brooch - Mams
Blue layered necklace - £2 charity shop

Earrings - YSL

- Original vintage queen x