Saturday, 17 January 2015

thoughts of the day and editorials and more editorials

To be totally honest recently inspiration has been lacking for me. I feel as if im stuck in this no mans land half way between a total slump and a total inspiration break through. Its been months since ive been really inspired i just cant break it i think its the totally ridiculous british weather here it snows a pitiful amount then rails for days on end! But on a lighter note ive been obsessed with looking at the editorials from vogue Korea. I came across it when i was online looking at British Vogue and i will never look back. As you all know my recent disgust at British vogue for the last year. When it became 90% adverts and the price shot up to £4! i wouldn't mind buying it if it was worth it! and being a styling obsessed person. I wanna see editorials that inspire my own work and looking at British vogue quite frankly i feel i could do better ( not bigging myself up or anything) but yeah.. i came across vogue Korea and fell in love if only you could get it in the uk. The website home page is inspiration enough and thats before you look at the editorials!

It inspired me for for about a day before i slumped back again. But i was completely inspired by the editorials from vogue Korea and im totally besotted, heres is three of my favourtites ENJOY!

New year style - 2015



Which has got to my favorite editorial of all time. And since it features hats how could i resist not loving this? 

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