Monday, 8 September 2014

My recent ventures! and future Career plans!

My recent ventures.

I know i have been away for a while (well 8 days) in the blog-averse. Being busy doing really nothing except plan for the future as there is a lot of things coming fast! As you all know i am a aspiring stylist of all things flamboyant, quirky and unique, I enjoy directing and styling up my own photo shoots in my spare time working to wards my final portfolio for my and im not ashamed to say it! second application to London College of fashion this year or LCF as many people called it. In my eyes the best and only fashion university i would ever want to go to! I have wanted to go there since i left school and know after so much hard work i will get in one day! (or hope to) But as everyone knows it is crazy competitive and difficult to get in they make you send of a personal statement, a digital portfolio and then interview you from up to 40 people down to only 20! i applied this year but was turned down for the course i applied for styling and production due to lack of experience that the other applicants did have. So i have been and still am trying to gain as much experience and shoot as many shoots as i can to build up my portfolio ready to re apply in November!

So i have been interning at john lewis which was incredible learning window dressing and also how to dress fashion mannequins in a big store, I have also been window dressing for lots of my local charity shops to add to my personal statement as experience and have been emailing various stylists for the north east hoping to work with them to gain some experience but it isnt always so easy. As i have came to learn from emailing so many damn people.!!!!!! but you get no where without hard work right?!

I also really feel now having well so far 5 months out that i really needed it and needed to work towards my goals as i have never ever been someone who just gets things handed to them. As i have seen so many people just get things with very minimal work! buy you know not everyone's so lucky. And i know now im not at all. But i feel like if you work yourself hard for something you appreciate it more when you get to where you want to be. And im just hoping i will get there eventually

I have also in my spare time been doing vintage from the 1920s up to the 1950s hair, makeup and styling complete with a mini photo shoot and free photos! for some more experience in dressing people who i haven't met before as if i was teamed with people at a professional photo shoot. Which i feel has also given me some more confidence which i think i have gained through doing everything i have done recently. Which to be honest i think i really needed to gain that before going to London. So i guess everything happens for a reason! 

So yeah thats everything i have been up to recently. Even though its a little piece of useless information its a little bit more about me you may not have known! but thats why ive not been blogging as much lately, Because i know i said id be blogging everyday but to be totally honest i dont really lead a very interesting life! but there shall be more posts to come!

much love - original vintage queen xo